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BOBBIN BIRDIE 3 SPEED DEEP LAKE (Only S size available)

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*Comes with original cream tires*

The Birdie is Bobbin's signature bike and we have thousands of women swishing around town and along country lanes on its trademark lugged frame. With no-fuss hub gears, mudguards and rear rack, the Birdie is practical, beautiful and magically smooth to ride.
Featuring sophisticated matte paintwork, cream tyres and a comfy Bobbin sprung saddle, the Birdie is a classic bike with soul. Useful features like the full chainguard keep your clothes intact on the way to the shops, while the upright riding position is great for seeing and being seen.



Lugged Loop Frame
Swept-back Bars
3 speed (hub) / 8 speed (hub) - Only available for Preorders
Sturmey Archer gearset
Cream tires


S - 43cm (26" wheel)