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Introducing our POST & WIN loyalty rewards

Win mystery gifts and up to $50 gift vouchers whenever you post a photo and tag us! Because we appreciate all our customers, and we want to show it.

footloops social media loyalty rewards post and win

We'd love to hear from you and see how you're getting on with our stuff.
PLUS, we'd be most happy to reward you for sharing, starting with these little giveaways every month.

Instructions below:
  1. SNAP A PHOTO of your Bobbin Bicycle, Tula Roadbike, or any of your purchases from FootLoops in a creative way
  2. UPLOAD to Instagram / Facebook and tag us @FOOTLOOPS.SG (make sure your account is public!)
  3. WIN MYSTERY GIFTS or UP TO $50 GIFT VOUCHERS every month :)
Yes, it's that simple.

Here's an example of what Kevin shared (don't worry you won't have to draw on yours!)

inked explore thousand helmet from footloops by @kevinwylee

We'll review posts every month, and winners will be notified by direct message. You've got something great in your hands, show it off!
Start posting and good luck :)

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